What is FQ?

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FQ stands for Fitness Quotient

It is similar to the intelligence measure IQ.

We use FQ as a simple, easy to understand measure of fitness; after all, we are not all sports scientists!

Many people incorrectly judge fitness to be all about who can lift the most weights in the gym - the reality is much more complex requiring a wide range of parameters. FQ has been calculated by taking measurements of thousands of people and applying some statistical analysis so that we can work out the normal values for people of different ages and gender. It would be unfair to compare a 45 year old with a 20 year old, or males against females.

When FitQuest calculates the scores, it compares a user’s data with those of a similar age and gender. Therefore, an FQ of 100 means that a user is of average fitness compared to people of the same age and gender. Tracking FQ allows people to measure personal improvement over time and provides a far more useful measure when comparing scores against peers.

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How users achieve their best FQ

Obviously, there is no point in trying to cheat whilst testing. In fact, FitQuest tries to stop users cheating anyway. Users want to know how they compare with others and they want to be able to track their progress over time. A first time FitQuest user may get a low score initially, but this will improve when the user becomes more familiar with the procedure of the tests and follows a targeted training plan to help improve their weaknesses.

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Why should we care about FQ?

Utilising this scoring mechanism is a great way of improving a member’s awareness of their current fitness level. It helps them target specific areas of their fitness to maximise the physical benefits of a targeted training plan.

Appearances can be deceiving – a member may appear to be very fit and healthy or vice versa, and FitQuest will highlight areas that they excel at, as well as areas which may be surprising weaknesses. Whilst FitQuest is non-sport specific, it does give a clear indication of a user’s fitness and enable them to track their progress.

Outside of your club, you can use the FQscore portal to engage with your members beyond the club walls. Your members can see their fitness results and review their progress and trends to help them stay on track towards achieving their goals.


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What FitQuest measures

in just 4 minutes!

FitQuest measures human performance over eight parameters: upper body strength, upper body endurance, cardiovascular fitness, lower body strength, lower body endurance, speed ability, explosive power and balance. It combines these to provide an overall fitness assessment.

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The FitQuest Kiosk

how FitQuest works.

FitQuest incorporates an advanced measurement force platform with a user-friendly touch screen interface, and a custom computer which runs MIE’s unique algorithms. This is housed in a strong steel chassis encased in an easy clean and hard wearing case to minimise maintenance.

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FitQuest User benefits

unlocking the power of member engagement.

Our FQscore web portal allows users to engage with their activity beyond the club walls and empower PTs and gym managers to drive that engagement forward. Unleash the power of data driven decision making with powerful analytics for gym members, personal trainer and gym managers.

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