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What is FitQuest?

You can think of FitQuest as being a mini sports science lab.

It doesn’t do everything you would see in a normal lab, but it does share many features and technologies. FitQuest was designed to allow ordinary gym users to quickly assess their general fitness, irrespective of what physical activity they prefer.

FitQuest guides you through a step by step series of physical activities that are designed to measure some of your “core skills”. These measurements are therefore “non sports specific”.
That means that whether you’re a ballet dancer or a rugby player, you share the same core skills. FitQuest does not measure how good you are at your specific sport, but it does indicate how physically fit you are.

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What are Core Skills?

Physical fitness can be broken down into 5 areas, namely, motor sensory control, muscular strength and endurance, speed ability, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

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How does FitQuest measure these Core Skills?

  • Motor sensory control is measured through the balance test.
  • Muscular strength and endurance is split into upper body and lower body. Upper body strength and endurance is measured through the push ups test, whereas lower body strength is measured through the jump test and endurance via the step test.
  • Speed ability is measured during the step test.
  • Your cardio vascular fitness is measured via the heart rate recovery test performed immediately after the speed test.
  • Currently, we do not measure flexibility, but we are working on it!

Simple Results

Results are compiled into an easy to understand report. Our unique Fitness Quotient™ (FQ) score allows users to compare themselves against peers of the same age/gender demographic and track personal improvement.

Where did FitQuest come from?

FitQuest was designed and manufactured by MIE Medical Research Ltd whom have been designing and manufacturing human performance instrumentation for more than 30 years.

Our customers range from big name brands to famous institutions such as NASA as well as Universities and other research institutions worldwide. FitQuest is the culmination of hundreds of man/years of experience.

Is FitQuest accurate?

FitQuest is based on real scientific principles that have been validated over a number of years. The instrumentation used is every bit as accurate as you would find in a sports biomechanics laboratory and each machine is carefully calibrated in our factory.

We pride ourselves that we have some of the world’s leading scientists on our scientific advisory board, helping us to provide continuous improvements to our products.

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