FitQuest for Personal Trainers

FitQuest supports PTs

FitQuest can help trainers identify key areas of strengths and weakness to ensure their clients exercise prescription meets their goals and physical needs. FitQuest allows trainers to easily track clients' improvement in body composition and physical fitness which is all stored online.

All measurements are based on sound scientific principles backed by comprehensive research and over 30 years of experience. The measurements are a quick, easy, valid and reliable tool to track client progress as part of their regular training sessions.
Put simply, FitQuest gives the personal trainers the right tools to track the progress of their clients and ensure they are making progress where it is most needed.

PT and Member assess progress

Key benefits forpersonal trainers

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Demonstrates value

Help members quantify the value of a personal trainer by demonstrating measurable improvements in their results. Provide your clients with proof their programme is working!

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Track clients' progress with trends

With their permission, follow members’ progress. Identify clients whose progress is stagnating or where additional support and alterations to training plans are required.

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Provides insights for intervention

Identify clients whose results are stagnating or commitment is waning using FitQuest’s reporting tools and analytics.

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Personalise training content

Tailor your client's exercises and programmes based upon their capabilities and results. Revise their training plan and workouts as their results improve.


PT login on FitQuest

As a trainer, FitQuest provides a means of tracking clients’ achievements and progress in a range of areas.

By logging in on the machine prior to testing clients, this enables trainers to track clients with visibility on how often they have tested themselves on the machine as well as demonstrating which areas they are making progress in.

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PT login on FQscore

The FQscore portal provides personal trainers with a means of linking FitQuest users with them so they can track individual clients progress as well as viewing all clients in one dashboard.

Provided the trainer has logged in on FitQuest, their clients will be linked to them enabling trainers to identify where additional support may be needed. FitQuest can be used to support lead generation for new clients as well as supporting existing ones.

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Benefits for gym users

track your fitness in just 4 minutes!

Measure and track your fitness in a quick and easy way then share and compare your results and progress trends with your friends. With FQscore you can view your personal improvement trends and then know what areas to work on.

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What is FitQuest?

how it works & what it measures

FitQuest measures 8 parameters and provides an overall FQ index score. FitQuest incorporates an advanced measurement force platform with a user-friendly touch screen interface, and a custom computer which unique algorithms.

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Benefits for operators

take control of member engagement

Connect FitQuest to your existing membership systems and web based portals, gain insights and identify commercial opportunities for your organisation.

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