FitQuest for Gym Operators

Reports and analytics

The reports and analytics from FitQuest enable operators to monitor the usage of FitQuest machines within their organisation.

This includes the number of unique users, the number of returning users, the number of sign ups, the level of support in using the machine (independently or with a trainer), gender breakdown and aggregated FQ score distributions. This enables you to track how engaged your members are with your equipment and how effectively your trainers engage with the equipment and your customers. You can also ensure additional information specific to your customer journey is measured to enable you to monitor how successfully this journey is delivered.

The analytics provided by FitQuest aim to provide you with more information about who your members are, what they are achieving and how you can support them in order to retain them for longer.

Key benefits forGym operators

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Improves gym member engagement

Boost engagement with focused communication. Embrace interest in the quantified self whilst putting the member right back into the heart of your organisation.

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Integrate with existing systems

Connects to your existing membership systems and web portals with embeddable widgets and programmable interfaces.

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Gain insights about your members

Identify clients whose results are stagnating or commitment is waning. Target content and services with increased relevance.

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Secure, reliable cloud servers

Secure servers backed by a company with over 30 years of expertise in the medical field and a dedicated UK based support team.


PT/Operator login on FitQuest

FitQuest provides special administration access for personal trainers to login on the FitQuest machine and within FQscore so operators can track how successfully elements of the customer journey are being completed.

By logging in on the machine prior to testing clients, this enables trainers to track clients with visibility on how often they have tested themselves on the machine as well as demonstrating which areas they are making progress in.

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Operator login on FQscore

The FQScore portal provides operators with a means of linking FitQuest users with different steps of the customer journey and associate them with particular personal trainers, if needed.

This enables clubs to report on individual clients progress as well as overall client usage and engagement from fitness teams. The reports and analytics available provide incredible insight into how members behave and support operators in identifying key intervention points to improve member goal attainment influencing exercise behaviours and member retention.

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Benefits for gym users

track your fitness in just 4 minutes!

Measure and track your fitness in a quick and easy way then share and compare your results and progress trends with your friends. With FQscore you can view your personal improvement trends and then know what areas to work on.

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What is FitQuest?

how it works & what it measures

FitQuest measures 8 parameters and provides an overall FQ index score. FitQuest incorporates an advanced measurement force platform with a user-friendly touch screen interface, and a custom computer which unique algorithms.

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Benefits for personal trainers

tools to help encourage your clients

FitQuest is here to help PTs get the best out of their clients. It provides an easy and effective way to track your clients' progress online, plus it helps demonstrate the value of a PT by providing measurable improvement data.

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