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FitQuest revolutionises
gym member engagement

FitQuest accurately measures incremental changes in fitness and body composition over time. This enables members to track their progress regularly and ensure their training needs are met. This supports the member to stay on track with their training and continue to exercise regularly.

FitQuest is sensitive enough to record changes week by week or more frequently, even when the training programmes are low intensity. Clients of all age groups and with different requirements will gain valuable information from FitQuest, allowing them to better understand their bodies' structure and physical attributes.

As soon as one of your members steps onto the platform, FitQuest requests them to input some basic information. It then guides the user through a quick and simple body composition measurement, followed by four simple exercises to complete a fitness assessment. Once these have been completed, the results are displayed and stored in an easy to understand format online that can be emailed to your members.

FitQuest Step task

Fitquest's Unique engagement tools

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The FitQuest leaderboard

Gym members can compete with others at the gym and even further afield!

To support member engagement, FitQuest can provide operators with a digital leader board which enables people to track their progress against other participants and other centres. The leader board lists the top scorers in each category helping operators track progress and participation, and can also be linked to specific challenges and social media.

What FitQuest measures

Send encouragement emails to your members

FitQuest can email your users directly to improve engagement levels and enhance the user experience.

FitQuest can allow you to customise the FitQuest email communications being sent and includes a number of different categories linked to the customer’s journey within your facility. This allows us to tailor the colours and styling to match your organisation’s branding guidelines or include your organisation’s corporate logo for example. FitQuest designers undertake this customisation on your behalf.

User privacy and opt out

FitQuest takes your user's privacy very seriously. All data and emails are processed in accordance with our privacy policy:
The end-user is free to opt-out of any mailings the organisation has enabled. The end-user has final say on the messaging they receive.

Users receive Encouragement Email

Key benefits forgym members

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Measure fitness not activity

Assess fitness, not activity or effort. Many devices track effort or activity levels, FitQuest differs by identifying which exercises deliver tangible fitness improvements.

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Peer based comparison

A fair evaluation of fitness. Our unique FQ Index score allows comparison against people of similar gender and age demographics. FQ is similar to an IQ test but for fitness.

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Identify areas of weakness

Members can focus on their weakest areas with personalised training tips, offering the best opportunity for improvements.

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View trends & track progress

FitQuest enables you to track the results of repeated tests so you can see trends within your membership database and individual clients. This enables you to track the progress of individuals and highlight areas of improvement and new areas to focus on.

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Quick! Only 4 minutes

FitQuest provides a very accurate fitness assessment for your members, quickly and efficiently.

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Scientifically robust

FitQuest provides a scientifically quantified assessment of a member’s current fitness level.

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Benefits for personal trainers

tools to help encourage your clients

FitQuest is here to help PTs get the best out of their clients. It provides an easy and effective way to track your clients' progress online, plus it helps demonstrate the value of a PT by providing measurable improvement data.

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What is FitQuest?

how it works & what it measures

FitQuest measures 8 parameters and provides an overall FQ index score. FitQuest incorporates an advanced measurement force platform with a user-friendly touch screen interface, and a custom computer which unique algorithms.

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Benefits for operators

take control of member engagement

Connect FitQuest to your existing membership systems and web based portals, gain insights and identify commercial opportunities for your organisation.

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