The FitQuest Eco-System

Where physical meets digital

The FitQuest concept

The FitQuest machine sends results to our cloud database. This data can be accessed by users through our web-portal solution, FQscore. This allows users to access their measurement results and track their fitness progress trends on their desktop PC, tablet or smart phone.

Our database can accept measurement data from other device manufacturers, enabling you to offer a complete member solution. Alternatively we can provide APIs for our database to approved partners if you already have a system in place.

FitQuest, extended by FQscore is your digital solution for member engagement, keeping your operation relevant in a rapidly changing fitness and wellness world.

Globally accessible

User measurements and results are sent to our central cloud database and are accessible from anywhere.

Flexible and extensible

Include data from other devices both inside and outside the gym.

Integrate and customise

Integrate into your existing member area or white label FQscore with your own branding.

Security focused

Secure servers backed by a company with over 30 years expertise in the medical field and a dedicated UK based support team.

Eco-System Schema

Central Database
Secure scalable back-end
Hosted on HIPPA compliant cloud
FitQuest Kiosk
Measure users fitness
Powerful opertor reporting.
Track clients
Upsell programmes
FQscore Portal
Member portal
View results and track trends
Connect existing membership systems
Mobile Apps
Personalised training
Social Module
Engage communities
PT Dashboard
Track clients
Upsell programmes
Book gmy classes
Power other applications with FitQuest data
Comms Module
Email members encouragements
Increase brand engagement

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What FitQuest measures

in just 4 minutes!

FitQuest measures human performance over eight parameters: upper body strength, upper body endurance, cardiovascular fitness, lower body strength, lower body endurance, speed ability, explosive power and balance. It combines these to provide an overall fitness assessment.

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FQscore Portal

Where Physical meets Digital.

FitQuest sends results to our cloud database allowing users to access measurement results and track fitness progress trends on their devices through our web portal solution. FQscore is your digital solution for member engagement, keeping your operation relevant in a rapidly changing fitness world.

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Benefits for Operators

Gain insights about your members

Gain invaluable insights about who your members are, what they are achieving and how you can support them in order to retain them for longer. With secure cloud servers, utilise the data & analytics to better understand how to engage with your members.

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