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Specialists in the field of
human performance measurement

Thirty years spent measuring elite athletes and human beings in extreme environments has resulted in a unique understanding of human physical performance and the measurement thereof.

The company was founded in 1983 by Dr. Malcolm Ellis after receiving the first prize award of the 21st competition for innovation run by the “New Scientist” magazine.

The company develops advanced measurement equipment covering Human Telemetry, EMG, Myometry, Gait, Goniometry, ECG and Heart Rate Variability. MIE has supplied many of the world's leading researchers in the world's best universities, research centres and hospitals.

As a result, the company have won no fewer than five SMART awards for innovation in 1986, 1987, 1990, 2010 and 2013.

MIE has worked with...

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MIE Medical Researchhistory of innovation

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Measurement is evidence

In addition to researchers and universities, the company has an extensive list of blue chip clients including adidas, BAR, NASA, the British Royal Navy, the British Royal Air Force, the NHS and Bodystat Ltd. The company has developed products and worked on supporting projects in a variety of demanding areas.

    These include:
  • Real-time monitoring of divers.
  • Monitoring muscle activity on Formula 1 drivers whilst testing cars at full speed.
  • Measuring BSE in cows.
  • Developing a complete bio-impedance system including software.
  • Developing fitness measurement for in-store experiences.
  • Developing a high speed miniature data logger for measuring vibration in military aircraft wings.

Performance & recovery

Not only has the company developed a unique knowledge of measuring human performance, but MIE's work with elite athletes has led to products for restoring performance when individuals suffer soft tissue injuries. MIE's unique electrotherapy products are used by both sports clubs and by leading vets treating competition horses. Since its formation, the company has continued to bring exciting new innovations to the field including a large number of world firsts.

3 decades experience

Technical director, Dr Malcolm Ellis is a specialist in human movement and biomechanics and leads new product development and measurement projects at MIE. He also lectures internationally on the subject of Biomechanics and has lectured to institutions as diverse as Beijing Sport University, the Egyptian Police Sports Union, Qatar National Olympic Committee, Singapore University and Tehran University.

MIE are today bringing the sum of this 30 years experience to a larger audience through the commercialization of a number of innovative and unique products designed to solve specific problems for the general public.

Main Website: https://www.mie-uk.com/